Multipure Hellas

Multi-Pure Hellas

Multipure Hellas Company Profile

Multipure Hellas is the exclusive importer and distributor for Multipure Solid Carbon Block Filters and Drinking Water Treatment Devices for Greece.


MULTIPURE Hellas primary objective is to remain close to its customers on a continues basis and to develop drinking water solutions for residential and corporate applications


Multipure technology offers superior effectiveness in reducing contaminants of health concern, and many of its products have been tested and certified by NSF International.® for the reduction of one of the widest range of contaminants under

  • NSF/ANSI Standard No. 42, Aesthetic Effects
  • NSF/ANSI Standard No. 53, Health Effects
  • NSF/ANSI Standard No. 58, (Reverse Osmosis)

The Multipure has International and European Certificates

The Multipure Water Systems are tested and certified by all the international and European foundations and organizations.

Multipure Water Systems are compatible within all European countries.


Our main concern and priority is to satisfy our customers, by understanding and foreseeing their needs, as well as covering their demands and expectations, always trying to provide products and services of exceptional quality.

Career Opportunities

The development of a extensive national network of specialized distributor and dealers is crucial to us in order to provide best quality and personalized service to customers throughout Greece.

Milestones in Multipure Hellas History

1995 Multipure Hellas is founded and becomes the main importer and distributor for Multipure solid carbon block filters and drinking water treatment devices for Greece.

2004 Multipure Hellas undergoes major changes,adopting a purely client-centred mentality, offers water treatment solutions depending on the public’s requirements and specificities while expanding a national network of specialized distributor and dealers.

2007 As a recognition to our dedication and combined efforts Multipure Corporation grands us to become the Exclusive Representative for Multipure Solid Carbon Block Filters and Drinking Water Treatment Devices for all Greece.

Corporate Responsibility

With long-term of experience Multipure Hellas, business development interrelates with care and respect for the society and the environment in which it operates.Within this framework, the company has undertaken the role of being an active participant in relevant activities. With the feeling of responsibility we will continue to provide our customers with solid, reliable solutions for cleaner, healthier and better-tasting water for their home and office.