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At Multipure Hellas our main concern and priority is to satisfy our customers, by understanding and foreseeing their needs for clean, healthy water at home, schools, offices and businesses as well as covering their demands and expectations, always trying to provide products and services of exceptional quality. The development of a extensive national network of specialized distributor and dealers is crucial to us in order to provide best quality and personalized service to customers throughout Greece. Multi-Pure Hellas offers our competence and expertise to partners all around Greece.


Retail Opportunities


Would you like to own a Multipure store?

Multipure is the most highly respected drinking water system brand in the world. We are dedicated to growing the brand by building financially successful retailers within an exclusive retail environment. Own your own business and share our philosophy of surrounding your clientele with drinking water systems that enhances their lifestyle with innovative performance and technology.

Do you own a water filter store or want to start a new one?

Multipure Hellas provides you the "know how",the training and the best water treatment devices in the world in order to be successful.By providing the best product in the water treatment market your business will grow and prosper.

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Want a retail career with Multipure Hellas?

Do you want to become an independent distributor for Multipure Hellas? Our experienced staff will teach you how to become successful and enhance your income in difficult times like these.

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Technical & Construction Professionals

Do you represent large companies that operate in Greece and seek for new business opportunities? Want to include water treatment devices on their business activities or equip your offices with exceptional water treatment devices and get away with high cost?

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Corporate Careers at Multipure Hellas

Our featured vacant jobs:

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