Choosing a Water System

What should potential water system buyers pay attention to

Characteristics of a high performance drinking water system

High performance water treatment devices free water from unpleasant odors and remove water pollutants to the highest degree They remove:

  • Chorine
  • Chloramines and particulate matter
  • Pesticides, Herbicides
  • Heavy Metals (lead,a sbestos, mercury, etc)

Do not remove minerals essential for good health


High performance water treatment devices include certification labeling by international NSF/ANSI organizations on:

  • Certification Data
  • Product performance data sheet
  • On Packaging and product itself

Authenticity of certifications

Attention: Replica/dummy certifications or certifications that are not internationally recognized.

Attention: Many water filter companies lie about their filters performance,authenticity and manufacture's country of origin.

Attention: Learn if the filter you purchased has been cerified Just type the manufacturer's name and see if the filter you purchased is certified

Attention: Tested for NSF does not mean certified from NSF.

Multipure drinking water systems have been tested and certified by NSF/ANSI and comply with all E.U regulations.

The size of the filter pores must be lower than 0,5μ (submicron)?

Filters with bigger pores than 0,5μ are of lower efficiency. Our systems have pores <0,5μ and in many instances <0,2μ.

Top 12 Questions To Ask Before Purchasing A Water Treatment System

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